We are please to offer our patients multiple endocrine and diabetes consulting services to promote a holistic approach to  the diagnosis and management of all endocrine disorders.


Diabetes, thyroid and general endocrine consulting

Dr Channa Perera provides world leading diagnosis and multifactorial management on all endocrine disorders and their associated conditions. Dr Perera combines his 20+ years of medical practice with the most up to date information to guarantee his patients the best possible outcomes.  


Endocrine telehealth consulting

Telehealth consulting was introduced in 2011 by medicare. Dr Perera was amongst the first adopters of this new and growing medium of consulting. From  countless rural patients and GP’s have benefited greatly from these clinics which are designed to provide care for the most deserving patients with little waiting time and prompt treatment.


Diabetes education

Norwest Diabetes and Endocrinology is proud to offer cutting edge diabetes education. Credentialed diabetes educator Vera Tam offers this service two days a week. Vera brings 20 years of clinical experience to help optimise the diabetic management of patients. 

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Diabetes insulin pump clinic

We offer dedicated clinics for patients with type 1 diabetes. These clinics are supported Carolin Judge a credentialed diabetes educator who is specialised in pump therapy for optimal management of patients on insulin pump therapy.


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Endocrine surgery consultations

Visiting surgeon A. Prof Niles provides a consultatory service through our Norwest Business Park location. For further information please contact A. Prof Niles.